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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2013 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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over seeing the evaluation from what is your level of intentional, do you have technology at home. i'm more happy to present that information. >> are you doing this at the end of the year? >> on going. we are trying to gather much information to guide us in the future. >> when you say on going what does that mean? ever month, semester? >> vrt we have a professional development we have an assessment with the teachers and with the students we have done one survey and will conduct one in december and at the end of the school year. >> thank you so much. i believe we have one final presentation. i know that we have a hard stock. we will lose quorum in
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the next 10 minutes. commissioner, in the next 10 minutes, commissioner murase wants to do one more presentation on girls and young women. we still have public comment. i want to make sure we are able to allocate enough time for that as well. commissioner, you didn't have to go up there. but happy to have you up there. >> about 5 minutes. >> first of all i want to animal -- acknowledge the leadership of supervisor kim and mendoza in this area. they launched the youth spark connection in microsoft and their new initiative this past april. i'm so excited to have jim ryan and bauj with this school district. i just want to share with you 12 slides about girls in stem at sfusd. there are two sources of this information. we have male
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graduate students do a full study and i vet bridges the community outreach at google gave a presentation on women and status. the good news is we have gender parody in the work force and education but still not stem jobs and women are in the work force and college enrollment but a huge gap with men and women in stem jobs. over all increases in u.s. demand for scientist and engineers, we are going to see a much greater demand. we try to encourage women in the stem field because there is a wage gap compared
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to non-fields for women. those in stem field are over represented in life sciences such as biology and medicine and under represented in computer science. google shared this with the staff by the national science foundation that compares the number of stem job openings with the number of college graduates through 2018. so we have a gaping hole in the number of graduates computing. there is expected to be 140,000 jobs in this field annually and only 50,000 graduates. so let's spend the next few minutes how sfusd is preparing our kids for stem fields. according to the research, there is nine computer program sections and three computer literacy classes in sfusd. the numbers are pretty low. one of the reasons
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is that computer science doesn't meet ecg requirement. student enrollment are higher. two 2 percent of the male high school students and 1 percent of our 8600 female students are engaged in computer programming class. there is good news in math. we don't see gender disparity in math and there are high levels of enrollment in algebra 1, 2 and geometry because they do fulfill a through g requirements. as in math we didn't find gender requirements. we see higher courses that fulfill a-g
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requirements. the good news is that sfusd enrolls above average students. as you know advanced placement or college level courses and here the sfusd students out shine considerably. generally 15 percent or more take a p classes. you see that female high school students outnumber males in biology but not in physics and environmental science. so what does this all mean? the good news is that sfusd has a higher enrollment in many stems courses as a
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whole and enrollment shows that female students are well prepared to be prepared college applicants. the only problem is access. many of the courses are not offered at high school campuses. the largest group of stem jobs is within computer and math. that's about half of stem employment. next is engineering and surveying occupation about 1 third. 12 percent if physical and life sciences and 12 percent in stem management. the question i have is whether they are going to be in the job market and stem doesn't guarantee careers. we have to examine course content and course availability and career guidance. i think in the interest of time, i'm going to skip the next slide. and we'll
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go to recommendations. so, here are six of our recommendations based on the work i reviewed. one we need to expand professional development and the help of jim and bauj that's happening. expand female role models in the classroom. expand stem courses in the high schools. so new york city just launched a pilot program where they selected 9 middle a high schools to enroll a thousand kids in computer programming and they intend to have that program go to 3500 students in the next couple of years. expand courses to k-8. and to participate in collaboration so there is a golden gate stem alliance by san francisco state and there is also a california girls in stem collaborative convened by the lawrence hall
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of science and finally to work with stem employers. google has a number of programs, microsoft also has a new program supporting youth. and i just want to conclude with a few resources. the department of status of women website where you can find nicole's report. google has information and also microsoft through their youth spark. i'm happy to answer any questions if there are any. >> i did have a question. i don't know if it's for you commissioner or the staff. i had no idea that science doesn't qualify for a-g which i think is terrible. clearly this is where the job gap is where the opportunity for employment are. is there any movement at the state level to get a
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computer science course eligible for a-g. we are having an elective course to take them away from the sensibility of being able to graduate on time. what is going on there? >> it's my understanding that some computer science courses if they are submitted properly through uc, do satisfy the elective requirement. they don't satisfy the science or the math requirement. >> okay. great. just in general, it's great to see there is all this movement and expanding and increasing stem courses. are these replacing existing classroom courses or is this kind of on top of what our existing curriculum? >> stem courses that i have been aware of in the district are on top of. you do still end
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up with a bit of a guacamole problem because if they are not taking something else, it's a zero sum game. in this case the courses are being offered and none are being taken off. thank you, it's great to see this initiative and it's also great to see the mayor's office work in partnership with mendoza to make this a reality and it's important to work our curriculum to today's reality and to address this huge gap in science and technology and the staff of women working to increase female participation. we need to figure out how to get this -- them into the work force. a great friend of mine
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is working with girls to code in new york city and she's working with i guess some of our ceo's here in san francisco who are going to chair that campaign here and so it would be great to figure out how we can expand these private public partnerships. we have one with sales force but having one with this organization to have more of our girls working with. thank you so much. commissioner mendoza and we'll open up for public comment if there are any. >> thank you. so just a couple of thing with regards to the presentation. thank you commissioner murase for sharing that with us. recently did a launch to do an hour of code and it's going to be the week of december 9th. they asked for participation from all of our schools so we are
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engaging our school district to be part of that and our state superintendant was present and was thinking about how do we bring computer science back in the curriculum as part of a-g and not as part of an elective. the challenge on that is that we don't have teachers that are graduating with their computer science credential because computer science isn't a core subject any longer. so there is a shortage of teachers being able to teach that. this morning, we spent quite a bit of time with sf to talk about what are some of the connections that we can make with tech companies. there is an organization called black girls code who we are going to be engaging in the middle
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school initiative and they want to start with our young girls of color and bring them through the ranks and get them exposed. and we are also working with our ct's and academies. there is a lot of work in the works. >> thank you commissioners. at this time we'll open for public comment. if you would like to speak on this, please lineup. you have 2 minutes. if there are no members who would like to speak? >> is this public comment only related to the information? >> it should be generated about the item. >> i'm really excited to see what's going on with the stem
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project and the expansion of making sure these classes are available to students in middle schools and high schools in san francisco. for me personally i would like to see extra attention paid to make sure that women, young ladies are included and especially women of color. and that there is a huge gap as far as people feeling connected to their schools, community starting earlier than middle school and trying to address the larger systemic issues from pushing them away from being a part of these opportunities throughout the school district. to encourage you to continue to push this forward and breakdown the barriers that are preventing people from accessing these programs that are available. >> thank you. anyone else that would like to speak?
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>> i'm a junior from soda and i'm a junior advisory council. i have been taking munis since 9th grade. this year my parents decided that i should start paying for transportation by myself. this program will really make an impact on me because i don't currently have a job and it's hard to get a job as a 16-year-old. it would be really important for me if this program could continue. thank you. >> thank you, so actually i'm sorry, i should be really clear. public comment does have to relate to the hearing that we've had today and not as generally on middle schools and science, engineering and stem classes that are occurring as a new initiative here at sfusd. i'm really sorry. we are not
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here to talk about lobby day which many of you support and we are glad we are able to have this program. is it possible to talk about the issue that we had about today, that would be great. i know public comment is very confusing. you know, we are going to be closing this meeting soon. some of us will be walking out. feel free to grab some of us who don't have urgency to leave this meeting. if any of you have questions about the math and science and engineering curriculum, you are welcome to come up. >> we are part of free for
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youth lobby day. a lot of student are from high school and middle school students from san francisco. it relates to middle school. a lot of these benefited from having the yellow school buses to bring them around the programs, the stem program had them around the city. we feel that this is something that is a priority in the city if we are looking at education. it's about how to get our kids there and how to make sure that affordability is not stopping them from doing so. youth, do you mind standing up who supports for youth in all cities and school districts. supervisors we are going to be waiting outside to have informal conversation and see if we can count you in to
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support all students. thank you. >> thank you, i appreciate you connecting it to that item on hand to getting our students to school and our stem program is incredibly important and i know that munis for youth is a part of that. i see no further public comment on this item. i'm closing public comment. were there any other final comment or questions from commissioners or board members? seeing none, may a take a motion please, would you like to file or continue this item? >> let's continue. >> can i take a motion to continue? we have a motion and we can do that without opposition. we will bring this to the board maybe bring it back to the select committee on the milestone of the program to get a sense of how the program is actually succeeding in our schools. this is incredibly exciting and making math and
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science and engineer more applicable. particularly as the economy grows, we want our students to participate. i hope we can include more partners because we all know how important this is and we look to have an update at the end of the school year at the midway point next year. all right? seeing no further comments, meeting is adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ]out. >> hi, i'm japanese with the san francisco public utilities combination sometime people call
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me sewer girl our systems has served the area for 1 hundred and 50 years we're planning you understand public health and our environment don't think that so come in down and see howhalftim
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>> we have a quorum. we shall proceed to item no. 3, approval of the minutes. is there a motion? >> i will move approval. >> moved and seconded. >> seconded. >> second, public comments? on the minutes? all right there being none, all those in favor, signify by saying aye? >> aye. >> opposed? motion is carried. public comment, item no. 4 on our agenda. mr. decosta
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>> thank you >> thank you. yes, sir. commissioners, today i want to briefly speak about. >> you wanted to wait until item 5, is that correct? >> no. i have two cards. >> got it. >> i think item 5 i will respond when that time comes. >> okay. >> so thank you for giving me three minutes. so i wanted to speak a little bit about community benefits. so in the past, we have had a lot of experience -- just one of you all knows a lot about the water system improvement project when it comes to the community
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benefits. and having said that i won't go into the details of how those community benefits filtered down to san franciscans, because one of the reasons given, it went here, there and everywhere because it was region-wide. but when we talk about the sewer system improvement project, it's in your backyard. meaning, it's meant for san franciscans. so right now some of us in the community have taken the lead to work with sfpuc management, giving all the detailed information, expressing the pulse of the community to the general manager. who has been kind enough -- i repeat, kind enough, to embrace us. so we are doing things
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diligently as best as we can. and we know that we are fortunate in san francisco to have what they term "a booming economy." we have 38 cranes up in the air, never mind the congestion on the floor or on the ground. but we have a booming economy. that favors us with the sewer system improvement project. however, the design of the digesters, the design of the real infrastructure takes time. we know that. so what i am bringing before the commissions is this: we do not have to wait to get some real results from the design and planning in the interim, there is a lot we can do, which we are doing, by the way.
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and we need to work with the community and preferably in this booming times when others get opportunities, the community in the south is sectored. that is all i'm saying. you want a plan? we have a plan. do you want a plan for workforce development? we have it. some of you all i have sent you the late report, the audit. the city audit on the workforce development. you all need to read it. because this is an opportune moment. the mayor, the chief of police, maria su from the department of youth, children and familis are all supporting us. what i am saying to you, commissioners, is this: we cannot have a
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real good project going on in the south sector when it's a war-zone. we need some harmony towards that end we have taken steps to bring about harmony. thank you very much. >> thank you. dr. jackson. welcome doctor. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i need to see a doctor. i have been ill this past week. under "public comment" last time i spoke with you all, i asked that a hearing be held about the art, the funding that should have -- must have come to bayview-hunters point and i found out that the hearing was not set and i asked for the hearing today and i said if not today -- [ inaudible ] i'm finding out
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today it's not set up until the fourth tuesday. i'm not satisfied with that. >> the problem is the logistics with the arts commission. >> you know what, sweetheart? it's not just them, but it's you as well, because of the fact that you gave money to puc for them to come to bay view hunters point and that is my concern, when the monies come to the groups in my community, which i asked previously for the name of all the groups and agencies, and that agency has given money to bayview-hunters point, i have never received that information of the groups and we have a lot of new groups popping up all over the place. we have the ywca and they are coming into my community like liquor stores and they are dividing my community because they are paying people to support the shipyard and that is wrong, completely wrong what
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is going on with some of your staff here. i am tired of them. i don't need to talk about file a lawsuit, because that will be done and any of you commissioners that wish to, desire to, my attorneys will meet with the community this coming thursday from 6:00 to 8:00 at 1600 oakdale at the southeast facility room and you will be educated. because you see, you are all not going to be able to do the right thick until you hear about things that started in bay view hunters point. i have been living there since 1948 and i know the history of my community. young people from that community are here today and the families and things and we know -- it seems like they try to get rid of us, but i'm not going no place. i'm going to be here. thank you very much. >> thank you.
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mr. kevin williams, welcome. >> good afternoon, senator torres, members of the commission. my name is kevin williams. i am co-chair of the bay view hunters point arts council and we're an ad hoc committee here to request that our protest of the san francisco art commission's community arts and education bayview program that is financed with puc funds be placed on this commission's agenda for a hearing. i am also a retired senior contract compliance officer for the city and county of san francisco, human rights commission. i am co-founder of the green lining institute. we have a mutual friend with bob. >> yes we do. >> as a chief investigator for
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this city, i have investigated front companies and fraud involving hundreds of millions of dollars in capital improvement projects under the local minority and business utilization program, formerly known as chapter 12d of the san francisco administrative code. on october 8th, 2013, we also made a written request for a hearing. without going into the details of our complaint, we allege that the selection process used is unlawful, politically motivated, and patently corrupt. on its face, the decision-making that resulted in 10 purported bayview organizations given $100,000 without an oral interview, without public comment, and without any public disclosure